• Pleas and genders are both non-binary these days. You used to only be able to plea guilty or not-guilty, but, recently, unorthodox pleas have gained in popularity. From "Nolo contendre," meaning that you are innocent but you look guilty, so you refuse to provide a defense, to the Alferd plea of "I'm not guilty, but, for whatever reason, I expect this court to find me guilty anyway, so why bother?" But the most interesting plea was invented by Jack Thompson, a Florida (of course) attorney, who plead "Rumpole." His plea paperwork that he submitted to the judge was a binder full of cartoon squirrels, swastikas, homoerotic images, celerity photographs, and kangaroos. He was then disbarred for "unprofessional conduct." The debate as to whether pleading "rumpole" in court is protected under the first amendment or not was never settled.

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