• Everyone has issues is how I see things.
  • Something they've done that's unforgivable.
  • It could be anything. That's why being famous is not all it's hyped up to be. Sometimes even when everyone loves you, crazy people will turn up out of the blue to hurt you. The why doesn't even really matter, since there is no reasoning with insanity.
  • I think people in general have their own preference of which celebrities they like and who they don’t like. As each person has their own taste in things such as music and movies, there will be some celebrities who don’t appeal to them because of what they do. Usually, some people don’t like celebrities because they can be judgmental of their work rather than get to know the celebrity as a person. Celebrities have feelings the same as everyone else.
  • Many people have a celebrity they passionately hate for justifiable reasons. One of my favorite female actresses is Anne Hathaway. She has a crowd of attackers called the "Hathahaters."

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