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      I see, thanks for sharing! lol
  • Probably the largest predators, especially the ones noted for attacking humans. Things like a polar bear, great white shark, lion, Siberian tiger, and even the cassowary (which, apparently, is known to hunt in packs in its native jungles, on occasion hunting humans). In fact: the pack-hunting animals (lion, cassowary) might be the most intimidating to hear, as they communicate to each other their (cold) assessment of their prey and essentially well-strategized hunt. *** But those animals that "kill for sport" might be even more horrific to hear communicate. Notorious animals such as the shrike, for example, or maybe even more the orca (again: a pack-hunter).
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      Thanks for sharing! That's quite a variety of animals you mentioned. They help the next user answering choose an animal. :)
  • Still humans.

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