• Knock knock on Heaven's door
  • Anything overtly gay
  • Yakety Sax
  • Jaws theme tune, even though it may help with rhythm.
    • Creamcrackered
      There was an elderly couple that lived in a small town. The town had a gas station, a church, a small grocery store and just a few neighborhoods. The old couple lived in the neighborhood closest to the church. One day the man died and their granddaughter came by to visit with her now widowed grandmother. The granddaughter asked her grandmother, "grandma how did grandpa die" and the old woman says, "well sweetheart every Sunday we'd have hot sex. He'd time his thrusts to the church bells, out with a ding, in with a dong." At this point the grandma is getting misty eyed, and she says "your grandfather would still be here if that damn ice cream truck hadn't driven by"
  • Offhand I'd say werewolfs of London by Warron Zevon.
  • It ain't me babe.
    • Creamcrackered

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