• You like what you like. You are an adult. If someone criticizes you for liking Kate Bush or Bjork, tell them where they can shove their criticism. Anyway, modern pop music everyone supposedly listens to is so homogenized anymore that no one even really actually likes it - it's basically the same lyrical concepts over the same chord change over the same beat. It's just not saying anything new. There are a few really good exceptions, but I think you know what I mean. But if anyone else says that you have unusual taste in music, tell them about me. The stuff I listen to makes Bjork look like the Archies.
  • Peer pressure be damned! Listen to whatever music you like. 9/26/23
  • You should be concerned with the music you like, and not what others think of you. Miserable people are quick to criticize. They focus on their likes, their needs and their problems.

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