• I know the story.
    • Linda Joy
      tell it, please.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I grew up in Detroit city. It was the early 1980's - lots of night-time gunfire and houses burning on a daily basis. My mom and dad both worked full time, and my grandparents had moved to Florida, so, when school let out, I had a couple hours on my own. The elementary (primary) school was at the end of the street where I lived, so it was pretty quick and easy to walk to and from school. Anyway, I was never in much of a rush to come home, since home was empty and boring anyway, and I was trying to make new friends. School let out and I saw two older kids in front of the building playing with a broken beer bottle. I walked closer to them and told them that broken glass was sharp and that they should be careful. One of the kids stood up and quickly grabbed me and the other kid grabbed the neck of the bottle and jabbed me one time in the abdomen, then said something like "you mean like that?" or very similar. Then the bigger kid let go of me and I ran as fast as I could away from them. It wasn't until I got to the next crossstreet intersection that it started to really hurt, and by then I was bleeding pretty badly. I was more afraid of my mom punishing me for bleeding all over my new clothes than I was scared of the bleeding or infection. Once I got home, I wrapped my clothes in plastic bags from the broom closet and placed them in the trash, climbed up on the kitchen counter to get bandages out of the medicine cabinet, then washed up the mess before my parents came home. My dad had to work late that night, so my mom was home first and she never said anything, but about a week later my parents enrolled me in private school, so they obviously knew. To this day, though, they never questioned me about it.
    • Linda Joy
      What was wrong with your parents? I understand the part about being afraid of what your mom would do. I cut my leg when I broke one of mom's new blue glasses while drying it and when she didn't beat me for it I thought I must be seriously injured! I'm sorry that happened to you. What did you learn from it? Immediately and after retrospection?
    • Creamcrackered
      She was a badass from the start, crikey, that age and you did that all yourself, kudos.

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