• I agree with everything you said. As a man, I like to treat women with respect. I never drink alcohol and I never do drugs and I am not a club person. There are other ways to socialise. Just be yourself and if anyone has a problem with that, it’s their loss. A real man knows about proper respect without being aggressive, without calling their woman partner as property and no cheating.
  • Be yourself. By seeing those "men" for what they are you're more of a man than they are.
  • This all depends. Since life isn't multiple choice, there's no answer key. The most important thing is that you live your life the way you want to be living it and are okay with the consequences of doing so. But if you are asking this question here, it sounds like maybe there's a little trouble in your ability to answer that question positively. At any rate, I'd not recommend contrasting your life with the life of another person, since that's usually not healthy.
  • I don't understand why you would consider emulating someone you don't like. I can understand why someone would want to emulate things they admire in others. Why are you surrounding yourself with losers? Women who want men like that want to fix them. They don't want them for who they are. They have their own mental issues. Do what you know is the right thing to do so in the end at least YOU will like you!.
  • You can't avoid being you no matter how hard you try. So embrace it and do the best you can to be the best you you know how. And remember no one can be you as well as you can!!
  • Just be yourself. The men you described sound like real chauvinist creeps. You're fine the way you are.
  • In my attitude, I believe I am a leader in how I carry myself. When you are not yourself, you will take on the values and beliefs of others. You decide what's best.

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