• "Cell" phones, or cellular phones, are a combination of telephone and radio technologies. The idea, originally, was to install a two-way radio into a land-based telephone line. The end user would have a receiver that could dial into the radio tower using a specific band of RF, and then use tone dialing to connect anywhere in the world using the telephone line connected to the radio substation. In order to cover a wide service area, the map had to be divided up such that there was a radio station covering each major area. Since this divided the coverage area into small mostly-circular areas, these areas were dubbed "cells," based on the similarity of their appearance with biological cells or cells of a honeycomb or whatever else is divided into cells. That's why it is called a cell phone.
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  • Nobody calls it a cellphone where I live. It's a mobile phone, sometimes simply called a mobile and even occasionally abbreviated to moby.
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      I call it a mobile phone. It’s usually Americans who call it a cellphone
  • Many countries call them mobile phones.

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