• Yes, it is true. As I recall the ships and men were standing by waiting for JFK to give the word to invade. Kennedy conveniently caught a cold and didn't issue the invasion order. I lost some of the respect I had for him at that point. His election was the first presidential election I voted in. I watched it closely. Kennedy made such a fool out of Nixon he got up and left the debate set.
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      Before Castro took power in Cuba Meyer Lansky and Sam Trafficante ruled Cuba through Fulgenio Batista. They were just as bad as Castro. He executed people in the town square for protesting against the government. It got reported in the American Press at the time. Kennedy knew the Mafia wanted back in Cuba and he wanted to make sure any Cuban revolution was lead by Cubans not by Americans who would have allowed the Mafia back in.
  • Who knows with the amount of lies the American goverment has told. it was 60 years ago who cares? Its not going to change anything but bang on about the past all you like don't worry about the NOW.
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      I like history
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      BTW, What is the name of the White Supremacist paramilitary group you belong to?
    • 11stevo73
      there is something wrong with you. Pity everytime you ask about history you twist the trueth. Joe Biden. You cant talk about current events can you that would be embarrassing to a pathetic like youself.
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      What about me evokes so much pathos in you? I thought you didn't like me? BTW I still want to know the name of the White Supremist group you belong to. You are definitely sensitive to that question,
  • Yes. There were even some nuclear missiles on board. Ultimately, Kennedy thought that failing the invasion, yet being able to deny US involvement, would be better than deposing Castro, but being called out internationally for US involvement. It turned out that the invasion both failed AND implicated the US. Whoops.
  • The US had established a blockade and were ready to move in.
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      Thanks for your answer.

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