• What ever happened to talking face to face in person? Id prefer to visit and speak in person weather id ring first or just rock up fifty fifty on that.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      The question is like a poll & survey. I understand human interaction is important. I’m just wondering what different people prefer to do on their mobile phone.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh yeah?!! Try saying that to my face! It would take some doing, wouldn't it?
  • I prefer texting to begin with. Its less invasive. But it usually depends on the person with which I'm communicating and the urgency and type of communication. I have a friend that only texts and I have another that doesn't like texting, so I accommodate them. But sometimes I need to call if its urgent. Then again some things you only tackle face to face. So for your statistical count I favor text.
  • Texting is ridiculously difficult with man-fingers. And - unless someone's at work and can't answer the phone, or there's information that is being sent that needs to be remembered / noted - what's the point of texting?
  • With family members, I mostly talk on the phone. With friends and colleagues, we text. I certainly do not want my phone to ring when I'm taking a nap, eating dinner or watching a movie. So I'll leave my phone in silent mode and afterwards, I will check my text messages.
  • I prefer talking on the phone. This includes both cell and landline. Its hard for me to text with how my fingers are. If I must do texting I use the mike.

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