• $475 billion USD has been spent, so far this year, on interest. That's 8% of the federal budget. So... if we borrow more money, that gets worse. If we borrow less money, that might get better. However, it depends on whence this money came. If we borrow from China, then there is really no say in the matter. If the money is borrowed from US citizens in the form of bonds, then the federal government can just knock the interest paid back. When Trump was president, for a while, federal bonds were paying negative interest. So, you could spend $100 in bonds and get $98 back after 30 years. Obviously, if you do this, no one will buy bonds. The biggest chunk goes to social security, which we knew from the start, was just a fancy Ponzi scheme. But people would revolt if that was taken away, and justifiably so, since the tax you pay for SS is separate - it's money you lend the US under threat of them bashing your head in if you don't, under the promise that you get it back if you are lucky enough to survive to 65. Now, for the solution. The second biggest chuck of the budget, $914 billion USD, 15% of the federal budget, goes into health care for government employees (excluding veterans). We know that our health care system is in a state of ruin. Health care is orders of magnitude more expensive here in the USA than in other countries, and doctors and nurses are not being paid more. Nope, hospital administrators and drug/medical device manufacturers are absolutely robbing the public. If the US government grew a pair and busted up the monopoly there, which was emboldened by Obamacare, then billions of dollars of the federal budget could go elsewhere, and american families would have more money to spend on taxes without worries of losing their homes, cars, or food. It's really pretty simple and straightforward. No one wants to do it, though, because those greedy drug companies and hospital administrations and medical equipment manufacturers are funding the congresspeople's yachts and Bali vacations and whatnot.
    • Linda Joy
      And drug research for the entire world at our expense, completely without thanks, just like the military support we provide and get bitched at for doing so. Thanks for the info though.
  • I rarely think about Biden, Social Security, or Medicare payments. I don't know enough about veterans' benefits or SNAP to have a view of them.
  • First of all I think you need to provide a link to your source. If you saw it on tv google it and get a link to the article. Otherwise IMO you're just making stuff up, and I can't tell you what I think when you've provided no real information about your question. I seriously doubt any democrat will cut entitlements of any kind. Its not in their playlist.

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