• Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      McCarty's speech assumes that getting spending under control is possible. It doesn't tell us how to get prescription drugs under control It doesn't tell us how to get hospital costs under control. It doesn't tell us how to hire more nurses which are short supply right now. He doesn't tell us how defaulting on the Debt accomplishes this. Unless we can get Medicaid and Medicare under control the rest doesn't matter because they're 80% of the National Debt.
  • I don't get it either. Clause one of section 4 of the 14th amendment should nip this in the bud. Congress has the power to authorize the spending, but they don't have the power to default the USA. If congress can't manage their funding, the public offices shut down, but it says right there in the 14th amendment, in black and white, in the constitution, that congress does not have the power to back out of pensions they already agreed to pay. So... what do we learn from this? A) Congress is horrible at managing money. B) Congress believes that it isn't beholden to the rules that regulate it set out in the constitution. C) Congress believes that its constituents are beholden not only to the constitution, but also to its whims whether or not those whims are legal. I guess you could sum all of those up and generally say that congress is dysfunctional and out of control. But, if the SCotUS doesn't step in, if the PotUS is too chicken to wrangle them, and if the US people are savvy to the fact that congress would sooner slaughter us all than to have to obey the law, then we're just all doomed. Just think about that the next time you vote for an incumbent.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Good points you make.
  • They want to force cuts in Medicare, Social Security and Veterans benefits.
  • They want to ruin the economy & still be able to blame it on Biden.

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