• false not the only country. If you have a current fossicking permit you can keep what you find here. You even need one to go metal detecting on your own land here. Ever heard the story of the welcome stranger? Largest gold nugget ever found here? IN a hell of a lot of cases companys pay no tax. Shall we talk about the Mcarthur river mine the only contribution that makes to Australia is the payroll tax the workers that work there pay. they moved the river so they could mine the Zinc and lead that the acid wash process destroys everything else. Image what waste sulphric acid does in the long term.
  • In most cases the owner must have the mineral rights to their property in order to own what is found.
    • 11stevo73
      I was trying to find that out, what if some pos sneaks on your land with a metal detector finds some gold digs it up you catch them is the gold yours?
    • Thinker
      It is yours but ofttimes the finder gets a finders fee.

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