• I would have to meet them in person to accept their difference. Everyone comes in different shapes, sizes, personalities, walks of life, different minds and views. To accept all these differences is to accept and respect yourself first in order to tolerate different people. To have an awareness in people’s differences, one must be open minded. To point their differences to them is not intolerance but to be unaccepting of them is intolerance. There is a difference between pointing out and being unaccepting. To call someone different can be a compliment because everyone is entitled to be their own person and unique. Control freaks have a problem with people’s differences.
    • Linda Joy
      Is that why you call Americans out and make fun of how they says passed instead of how YOU THINK THEY SHOULD SAY passed on? Because you're not a control freak, right? You don't have a problem of with people who say passed instead of passed on because you're not a control freak, right? I'm just "taking everything wrong" , right? Or were you pointing out how cute it is that Americans are "different"? And being "accepting" of their differences, Or do I see something you fail to open your eyes to and I'm the one telling the truth?
  • I say live and let live.
    • Urban Spaceman
    • mugwort
      Urban Spaceman: I like what you wrote in your comment below. I agree with you. Glad you agree with me.
  • Not if we point it out in a friendly and civilised manner. Just live and let live.
  • I just take people as I find them. I don't show intolerance unless they are being offensive.

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