• You must be really a vampire to ask about human friendship. 😄
  • Compared to what? Compared to mosquitos? Yes. Ants? Probably. Dogs? Probably not. I suppose the question might be too general to offer a useful answer.
    • Linda Joy
      But you offered perspectives others might not have considered so general questions are good too!
    • Linda Joy
      Mosquitos like me way more than I like them! And thank you for reminding me to be thankful that I haven't had an ant bite in decades!
  • I get along with anyone who is compatible for me. Not everyone in the world gets along with each other due to intolerance of difference or incompatibility.
  • That depends on the person, how they treat me, and on my perceptions of their actions and words. I don't know much about you because you don't usually engage me that I recall. But there are people who I know would never have an ill thought about me because they know the true me and accept me for who I am. So I have a tendency to never assume they are coming at me and I need to defend myself. OTOH I've been abused so I defend myself. I'm not a victim. I'm a survivor and I've beaten cancer! Who do you think you are coming at me?!! I also defend others when I think they are right or being picked on. Then I realize how counterproductive it is to waste my time on negativity when laughter is the best medicine! (ok its probably me I'm trying to convince here.)
  • I try to be friends with everyone, but there used to be a member on the old Answerbag who went by the name of Wellduh, she was the rudest person I ever encountered on the Internet. Does anyone here remember Wellduh?
    • bostjan64
      Yes. I think I got along relatively well with everyone on the old AB (although, who knows, maybe those people I thought liked me would tell another story), except one of the CL's who developed some sort of animosity toward me (not even sure which one, but they banned my account; luckily, I had the contact info for another CL who sorted it for me).

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