• Is this music? I'm far more valuable than free. I'm getting something done with my medi-port on Monday. I don't think they are actually taking it out yet, but they might. I'm done with both of my chemos, even the year after preventative herceptin! Not sure what's on my plate for Tuesday. What about you?
  • Sorry, I'm scheduled to donate blood next Tuesday. 5/15/23
    • Linda Joy
      Way to go! I wish more who can would!
    • dalcocono
      I been donating 3 or 4 times a year ever since 72, when my first child was born, and her mother needed a transfusion over a complication. I've given away gallons of the stuff over the years. I even donated it to myself when I was scheduled for open heart surgery years ago. I didn't need a transfusion, but it was there and it was mine, just in case.
    • Linda Joy
      That's cool! Thank you for that! I used to donate when it was on my way home. Back when I was healthy. I couldn't while I was misdiagnosed with COPD. And I couldn't give until I was off chemo for a year. Another time I had a lump on my leg because of an orthopedic boot. I honestly don't know if I qualify now or not. I was in and out of afib this morning.
  • I'm free on Tuesday. Every other day you must pay me.
    • Linda Joy
      What are your rates and do you do windows? lol Oh wait! Do you give discounts for veterans or seniors or the disabled and how old to you have to be to qualify for the senior discount? (I'm asking for a friend, of course! hehe)
    • Linda Joy
      Can't beat free on Tuesday! Do you have a waiting list or a limited area?

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