• How alternating current makes an electric motor work by switching polarity on magnets to attract and repel at precisely the right moments. Or how a combustion engine times the valves to open for exhaust just before top dead center then ignites the spark that explodes the new gasoline mixture pushing the piston down for the next stroke. Or how a flower knows when to bloom and all the conditions that have to be met for it to happen yet sometimes it happens all by itself without any help from us. Or how an animal can make another living being. And most of them do it without knowing anything about how its done.
  • One day, I was with my family shopping at a surplus store, and we found some off-brand juice. The kids really wanted some, so I gave in and bought a whole bunch, since it was so cheap. I tried a sip, and it tasted fruity and sweet, like you'd expect from juice, then a good 5 seconds later, POW!, an intense tartness that felt like a punch in the mouth. Everyone had the same sensation, nice, pleasant juicy flavour, then 3-5 seconds later, POW! and it's super sour. The tartness was primarily just a mixture of citric and malic acid, probably artificially added, but how did they get the "fuse" so long? Never saw the juice for sale since - I'm sure most people found the experience unpleasant, but even ten years or more later, we still talk about it occasionally. I've tried making my own with apples and limes and whatnot, and cannot reproduce the timing of the effect.
    • Creamcrackered
      I bet your faces were a picture.

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