• No you all must like it,look at youtube theres haeps of ferral drug addicts camping all over the footpath. End drugs and the homeless problem will disapear.Start hanging drug dealers taking the wealth off rich people in high places that are importing drugs. Is the root of the problem. How did Japan solve its homeless problem I believe most of them died?
    • Linda Joy
      They lie about it.
    • bostjan64
      Yeah, I agree. In Japan, they tried shifting programs away from handouts and more toward education. A lot of Japanese people became homeless in the 1990's due to the Japanese real estate bubble. So maybe it's unfair to expect a program that worked for that entirely different culture to work here. In my town, we have a pretty serious homelessness problem, which is shocking, considering the winters here are absolutely brutal outdoors. But the problem is >99% perpetuated by the drug problem.
    • 11stevo73
      what excatly do they lie about Linda ? Who are the they you're referring too?
  • You know full well the democrats will never let you take their handouts away. That's the only strategy they have had for getting votes since FDR promised a chicken in every pot! He told you he'd "have them niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years!" That and them starting the KKK BOTH TIMES is why I'll NEVER EVER vote democrat! They love to keep weak people dependent on them for the scraps they toss them, giving just enough to keep them dependent! Its disgusting!
    • bostjan64
      Very likely the handouts contribute to the problem. The resurgence of the modern KKK was partly due to Woodrow Wilson and his gang. It's easy to put a lot of blame on FDR, as he was certainly the leader at the time, but, if not for him, it would have been someone else. Socialism was really taking a strong hold over the US population in the 1930's. The way that socialism was implemented in the USA as a knee-jerk reaction to the Great Depression did a lot of permanent damage to our social structure. To dive a little deeper, there was actually a worse depression than the Great Depression prior to WWI, which is partly responsible for the beginnings of that journey. McCarthyism was too heavy-handed and still not nearly effective enough to get us away from that mindset, because it proposed no viable replacement, and that's still where we are now, this useless culture war between the "gimme-gimmes" and the "get-off-my-lawns," when, what we really need, is a well-thought-out replacement that allows personal liberties, which is the primary traditional American value, but also allows economic prosperity without too many vultures allowed to take advantage of the less discerning.

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