• How would I know it was you? I don't even know who you are on AB much less in real life. And whether its more accident or fate may change depending on what happens after. Some people I've met online and got to know better than some people I've met in person and see on a weekly basis. Some people post questions and never let you know anything about themselves. Others think they should take pictures of their food and post it, and others play games. The first time I saw one of those game posts I thought the person really made cookies, but they were just baking them on the game! lol Then some people run on and on about anonymous crap no one cares about. like me. But like me or not I'm better at being me than anyone else! So are y'all!
    • Linda Joy
      If you accidently bumped into me would you know who I was? Could you guess after asking me 20 questions? Would you consider it fate or an accident?

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