• Yes. I know that song very well. I have the song in my collection. I did not know that Bittersweet Symphony sampled another song. Can you tell me what the song was that it sampled from?
    • bostjan64
      It's the most convoluted story: The Rolling Stones wrote a song called "The Last Time." I bet you've heard it before. But, a composer decided to make a record of orchestral versions of songs by the Rolling Stones, and included and arrangement of "The Last Time," except the composer wrote his own melody as an outro to end the song, and that was the part of the song that was sampled by The Verve. The Verve were granted permission from the record label who published the Rolling Stone's song, but not permission from the Rolling Stones themselves. When the manager of the Rolling Stones found out, he sued the Verve and won basically 100% of the profit from the song to split with the Rolling Stones. The band actually gave the rights back to the Verve immediately after their manager died, but, the kicker of all of this is that the melody used was never written by the Rolling Stones and was never published by the record label who gave permission. The composer who wrote the actual melody used never received credit, never sued, never got caught up in any of that!
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I just listened to the orchestral version of The Last Time on YouTube. I like the original orchestral version. It’s very good. I suppose the composer did not want to cause a fuss and probably liked The Verve’s version of it but I’m just guessing. The orchestral version sounds different to the single version of The Last Time but it sounds good.
    • bostjan64
      I agree on all counts. Musicians are often happy that people use their artistic work as inspiration to make other works, as long as the use is somehow transformative. That's likely the case here. Thanks so much for the comment!
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Ok. No problem
  • No to all.

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