• My American name is after maternal and paternal uncles. My tribal name is after my great grandfather. My parents named me for my American name. my gran gave me my tribal name. 4/21/23
    • Linda Joy
      Wow! Lots of tradition there!
    • dalcocono
      That's true. We been in the neighborhood since around the last ice age.
  • Originally my biological father named me but my mother did not like the name so she changed my name through court. I am named after a person.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry your name was a source of contention. That couldn't have been fun for you. I hope you like your name now, but if not you can always change it. I'd change my last name if it didn't cost $80 here! I guess I don't dislike it THAT much! lol
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I’m happy with the name I have
  • My legal name was chosen by my mother to honour her father.

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