• No, I don't believe that. The majority of food eaten by people is not in a restaurant but at home. Every item of food brought into the home (at least in the US) already has that information on the package. When we do eat at a restaurant, we're usually treating ourselves and wouldn't bother counting calories at that time.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't think it will make any significant difference. But then I couldn't have predicted the drop in eating out due to covid, either. I think it is possible that a few cancer deaths may be prevented. But nothing like their survey "forecast".
    • notyouraveragedummy
      That could be but it would be impossible to track the cause of a minor drop in deaths.
    • Linda Joy
      Why would you have to track the cause? Isn't it enough less people die?
  • No. But at least people are being forewarned; that's a primary goal of a lot of this stuff- be forewarned and then suffer the consequences if you ignore the warning. I'm saying this while I'm drinking a glass of soda, which they're also constantly harping about. I don't drink if often, though.
    • Linda Joy
      Ah another angle preventing lawsuits from FA's (fat admirers) I use to guzzle soda when I worked in fast food. I cut back when I had to carry it home. Old arthur and some rotator cuff damage makes water that flows to my home a blessing!
    • robted
      Is "arthur" "arthritis"? If so, I found glucosmine-chondroitin controls it for me. I don't know which form of it I have because I didn't have a doctor when I started taking it. I had it spreading in my fingers. It's kind of expensive though.
    • Linda Joy
      Yes. Actually they call it degenerative joint disease now. I'll have to ask my dr about that. If I can get them to prescribe it I can get it for free.
  • unnatural additives to our food and water are a big part of the problem. What drugs are given to cattle ,chickens, what fertiliers are used on vegetables ,is a bigger contributor I think
    • Linda Joy
      I've long thought the products used in farming have caused cancer in the midwest.
    • 11stevo73
      whats in chicken feed the battery hen farmers I know don't really know. same with half the fertilizers farmers feed greehouse tomates All beef cattle are vaccinated its in our food maybe good farming practices for over farming the land but in the long term are we changing ourselves.
    • Linda Joy

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