• It's been suggested that he was ritually sacrificed and that seems plausible to me, because, believe it or not, in the bronze age and earlier, being a male leader was incredibly risky business. In that case, his own people killed, possibly the man who replaced him. But we'll never know with absolute certainty; all that can be said is that the circumstances surrounding his body and how it was treated strongly suggests it wasn't conventional murder. There are numerous articles on this but the one below seems to be an early one.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      It could be, since we know next to nothing about his culture. But in other cultures, it is very common for human sacrifices to see it as an honour. Otzi, on the other hand, appeared to have defensive wounds, and his own arrows had blood of several other men still on them, as if he had been in a battle and was reusing his arrows. I guess this was long enough ago that you could call this a *cold* case (ba dump tss).
  • I think it was probably Joe Biden. 4/19/23
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Or Sam Hyde?
    • dalcocono
      I had to look him up online. I never even heard of him before. Not saying he wasn't complicit though.
  • It wasn't me! You can't prove a thing!

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