• You told me to go away, remember? Duh! Also no one is required to answer your questions. Deal with it. Quora has more volume. Try going there.
    • Linda Joy
      You've ANSWERED less than ten questions during that time. That could be a factor. Your questions are also judgmental and accusatory. You say others don't allow people to be themselves, but that's what you do. You criticize anyone who disagrees with you. I know because I've done the same thing.
    • Linda Joy
      Even now you're asking why others don't behave the way you want them to. But instead of using this information to your advantage you will just argue that you're not doing it so what's the point in even answering your questions if you're just going to argue and not use the information to better yourself and your questions? Its a waste of my time, that's why!
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I was not talking about you. I meant others. I do not judge and accuse anyone. That’s just what you think. I do allow people to be themselves. I don’t know why you come to that conclusion. I’m very aware people have different behaviours and that’s part of nature. As I said I wasn’t talking about you in the question.
  • how many active users are there on this site 20 at most is my guess.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Maybe 21 on a really good day. Before YA closed, it was mostly crickets and tumbleweeds, and a while before that, there was either one user here with half the active accounts or else maybe a bunch of ultra-argumentative people who all just happened to be east Asian and all just happened to have the same weird speech patterns and all just happened to share the same interests and have the same weird bragging mentality about things that were easily debunked (what was it, 650 kg that the person claimed to have bench pressed?!)... I sometimes wonder how many of the active accounts here are actually individual people and how many are puppets, but it seems like most everyone here at least has a slightly unique personality...
  • You are not popular like me 😊

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