• I tried to tell them that, too! And they'd still rather Bitch about me "hogging" it than ask questions! People are on summer vacation as well. It was about this time last year you were complaining about the same thing if you'll recall... But it also depends on how many answers and likes you get, and how many you answer and how many likes your answers get. I was on the board back when I didn't ask any questions only from answering.
    • Iron Mask
      Shy ABers.
  • I got on the leaderboard and I hadn't even logged in for several months. There are some nasty jerks hanging out here, and decent people just won't put up with such a crowd.
    • Linda Joy
      Good to see you again! Jenny Rizzo missed you too!
    • Iron Mask
      Im rarely decent.
    • Jewels Vern
      Linda Joy, you were one of the jerks who ganged up on me for not asking questions. So don't give me the glad hand bullsnot. I am now hanging out at a couple of sites where they like my answers just fine even if I don't ask questions.
    • Iron Mask
      Answering only is great too.
    • Linda Joy
      That's not how I remember it. I've always appreciated your answers! I do encourage people to ask more questions because if no one does there are no questions to answer. That is an entirely different subject in my opinion. But if you're not happy here then by all means go where you are happy. That's what I want for you.
  • have no idea
    • Iron Mask
  • Where are YOU?

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