• Good question! "Although both biological and environmental factors play a role in the development of psychopathy and sociopathy, it is generally agreed that psychopathy is chiefly a genetic or inherited condition, notably related to the underdevelopment of parts of the brain responsible for emotional regulation and impulse control. The most-important causes of sociopathy, in contrast, lie in physical or emotional abuse or severe trauma experienced during childhood. To put the matter simplistically, psychopaths are born, and sociopaths are made.",emotional%20regulation%20and%20impulse%20control.
  • That's like asking if a fire is started by the spark or by the fuel. The genetics are the fuel, the environment is the spark. You have to have certain conditions of both to make a psychopath.
  • Psychopaths are born, they lack empathy and also lack many other emotions, and can feel flat which is why they engage in risky behaviour (crime and drug taking) or take jobs of a high risk like surgeons, or police officers, rage seems to be a dominant emotion and so they have extreme reactions to supposed injustices. Sociopaths can be both but lean more to being made.

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