• False, if they are convicted of a crime they committed they weren't innocent, they committed a crime.
  • I also have a difficult time following this question's logic. If they were convicted of the crimes they committed, how could they be innocent? Do you mean convicted of crimes someone else committed or do you mean acquitted of the crimes they committed? ...or something else entirely, perhaps?
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      As the question is currently (re)worded: yes, it happens far too often.
  • No, it does happen but not "often".
  • Hurricane Carter. I only know of him because of the Bob Dylan song.
  • False. The presumption of innocence is based on the prosecution's burden of proof.
  • When first posted this question asked about crimes that had been committed, hence my first answer and bostjan64's. In some regimes whistleblowers & political opponents are convicted of crimes they did not commit as a way to silence their dissent so I would say "true" but mainly in oppressive regimes rather than in "free" democracies.
  • False. Usually innocent people are left alone.

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