• One of the problems is that police forces/agencies are controlled by individual states, counties, cities, etc. laws. There are no uniform requirements. Imposing such a "uniform" requirement would be interpreted by each individual authority. The real problem with policing in general is that it is reliant on humans with human supervision. It will inherently have all the weaknesses and strengths that humans exhibit even if such a law could be enacted.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      This is also one of the reasons that convicting someone of a crime is a process having to pass through several levels of scrutiny.
  • Well, I tend to think no, although I am 100% behind you as to your point. I do think that police officers should be trained on what is the actual law and how it should be enforced effectively. The problem in some cities is that police officers *are* trained, but that their training is based on false pretenses and false data and even false interpretation of the law. Judges tend to have much deeper knowledge of the law, and even they often make mistakes, so I don't think that requiring a pre-law degree would improve policing as well as simply doing a better job giving them the training they are already getting. In fact, if you think about it, the requirement you suggest might have the opposite effect, since being a judge or a lawyer is a prestigious and high-paying job, I think you'd see a lot of cops who were too dumb/lazy to make it through law school in that situation.
  • No. I think people should obey the law. And I think its time we quit blaming everyone but the shithead breaking the law for their predicament. If they were home studying or helping their children with their homework they wouldn't be getting tangled up with the cops.
    • bostjan64
      Yeah, like that young Australian lady who called 911 and then the police came and shot her behind her own house. She 100% should have known that calling 911 when the police are busy carries a sentence of death by cop. Or what about that 60 year old man who was at home watching television with his wife when the SWAT team raided the wrong address and shot him three times? I bet he didn't even have a television license - so he must have really been asking for those bullets. Or what about the guy who was just sitting at home minding his own business when two bad guys shot him in the head, broke through the door, murdered his girlfriend, robbed the place, and left - and when the cops got there, they arrested the man who had been shot in the eye? It was an honest mistake, right? I mean, why should we expect a trained detective to know what a gunshot to the head looked like? It wasn't like the video-recorded interrogation (in which he told the detective several times that he had been shot in the head and was showing clear signs of brain damage) showed definitive evidence that he had a visible gunshot wound to the eye, right? Right?
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah yeah, happens all the time, right? Cops aren't allowed to make mistakes? Cops can't be evil or stupid like everyone else? I didn't think you would skew statistics to push an agenda. But I guess you're human, too, right? Right?
    • bostjan64
      I made tons of mistakes in my life, but none of them ever involved shooting anyone. There are also tons of cops who never shoot an innocent person as well as hundreds who shoot an innocent person due to poor judgement within some sort of scenario that has difficult ethics. However, that is clearly not the case in these examples. If a murderer says, "Oops, it was a mistake," we don't just shrug it off; we look for a solution for society.
  • I don't think so. The cops simply arrest or issue citations. Once arrested, then the educated legal professionals get involved. 5/4/23
  • What freedoms? You don't have any freedoms, what do you do that isn't monitored in some way?
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Post your thoughts here!!
    • Creamcrackered
  • Better yet civics should be brought back and taught in elementary and secondary education and the politically correct garbage it has been replaced with needs to be thrown out.

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