• Maybe it's me (probably it is)...but of all the higher math I took at uni, diffEq was the easiest for me...and the most interesting. I struggled with calculus...but I got top grades in diffEQ. Once I'd gotten calculus down - that is: once I'd mastered the basics of integrals and derivatives - diffEQ was a breeze. *** And so I found it very odd that so many of my peers struggled with diffEQ, and yet breezed through calculus. Perhaps they had a good AP calculus or pre-calc course in high school (I did not have any such course). *** For me, diffEQ just made plain sense. Go figure.
  • Not sure what you mean. They require softer skills to crack than ordinary static equations. But some differential equations are very easy to solve. Try dy/dx = C. To solve it, just separate the variables and integrate. Super easy. Some differential equations are very difficult. But also some static equations are extremely difficult to solve. At least with differential equations, there are more real world applications for them and there are dozens of methods that can be used to solve them.

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