• majourity of the time the limit is too slow. The limit here hasn't changed since 1970 the renenue collectors hide behind every tree thou. Theres way too many rude people that hog the road.
  • Of course not! That would be breaking the law!
  • It depends on the car I'm driving. I have 3 vehicles: a POS Toyota work car that's all scratched up and dented, and 2 luxury vehicles from England and Germany. On my work car, I go with the traffic flow and drive the speed limit, sometimes a little over. But on my luxury vehicles, which are for pleasure only, I drive 10-20 mph under the speed limit. Other cars pass me by, some like a bat out of hell. Any driver who honks at me, I will give them a regal wave. 🖐️
  • I have done. But not in the past 15 years.
  • I do, but only out on the open roads. I stick to the limits in town or residential areas. That is where they will ticket you quickest for speeding. 5/7/23
  • I have had a 35 mph foot in a 30 mph zone other than that I normally drive the speed limit or below.
  • Not on purpose, but I remember a member from another site called Didge, he was an aussie, he called his wife "Lead foot Lil," and I can identify, now and again I enjoy having a lead foot, especially if I'm at the traffic lights, no one expects a middle aged woman to race them.

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