• You'll have to prove your if before I play the then.
  • The cosmos - obviously - is not "already perfect". Why do I say "obviously"? It's because the cosmos is in a constant state of change. Let's imagine for a moment that "now" is perfect. *** 6 months from now it'll be Summer, and Summer is different from Winter - so: other than perfect. *** Tomorrow some people will die - people who are alive today at the "perfect" moment. Clearly the situation will be different - other than our "now is perfect" - tomorrow after those people have died. *** Etc.
  • Bearing in mind you mention Nirvana, then I take it we are speaking of Buddhism. Nirvana, is a state of being and mind reached where (usually before death) the person can escape reincarnation. Enlightenment, is something a practicing Buddhist can experience periodically throughout life, which is achieved through non attachment, and eventually achieving Buddhahood. The ego driven self is not considered the true self, oneness with the divine, is considered the true state. Samsara is the current state of the material universe and the cycle of death and rebirth and suffering to which the soul is bound.
  • Nirvana disbanded after Kurt died, so no one is in it now.
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