• Darn, I didn't know the description was gonna get cut off like that! 🤣
  • Saw this in French (dubbed), I think the original language was English. – Summer camp w/ dorm rooms. – The summer camp goers are not kids, more like teenagers or young adults, maybe rebel, troubled teens. – Character names I remember: Gail, Gale or Gayle (a counselor I think) – but I am not 100% sure of her name, and George: a geek, someone very shy & that lacks confidence. – I remember a girly-girl w/ a hot body who likes to sleep w/ a short top & in her undies, on maybe the top bunk (at one point the camera zooms in real close on her tight stomach when she turns in her bed while sleeping). – There’s a guy who likes huge boobs (he describes to George what he likes in a girl & makes a motion w/ his hands describing huge boobs, and says: "with boobs, big like that" - in French it was: "avec des nichons, gros comme ça"), and George imitates him but seems in "shock", lol, as if thinking: "big like that huh?", lol) & near the end the boob guy gives his hat to George & one of the other camp girls (a sweet, girl next door type) says “Hi ______” (the guy who likes huge boobs), but it’s actually George & he says (I think): “No, it’s George” or “No, it’s me, George) in a deep voice, right before jumping on the bus to go home. It’s hard to say what it actually sounded like in English. – At one point they are paint balling & two guys are together in the forest & they feel watched or something (one of the guys if I remember right was the rebel, brooding-like & maybe a trouble teen), he says: “It’s Gail” (or something like that) & the camera zooms out & you see Gail almost in front of them. I think Gail had long, poofy or curly hair. – There’s a “bad guy” that I think Gail fights at one point near the end. He comes to make some trouble out of revenge from something from the past. I think there’s a bit of martial arts in there. I think they eventually bury the hatchet. – Everyone leaves with a lesson learned. I remember being happy for George who left with confidence 🙂 & the guy who loves huge boobs finds a girl w/ huge, boobs 😅. MOVIES I KNOW THIS ONE IS NOT: – Wet Hot American Summer (2001) – Indian Summer (1993) – Camp Cucamonga (1990) – Camp Nowhere (1994) – Little Darlings (1980) – Heavyweights (1995) – Ernest Goes to Camp (1987) – The Parent Trap (1998) – Summer Camp (1979) I've watched this movie, and this isn't it, unfortunately. Thanks! Any help is appreciated!
      That's what I think it is also, but there's no info at all on the IMDb page. Which is I think the same link I put in my own question (but we can barely see it). I'm thinking this is the movie but it is NOWHERE to be found (the movie itself, videos of it, the actors in it, etc). Thanks for your comment ?

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