• New Zealand. Taken from the name of the indigenous bird.
  • As another user has pointed out, New Zealanders are called Kiwis after their indigenous bird, kiwi. Interestingly, kiwis are slightly endangered, and this is quite serious since the presence and activity of kiwis gives environmentalists key clues about the quality and availability of food in New Zealand's wilderness. Kiwis are a flagship specie; they might also be keystone specie given their key role in the ecosystem (See:
  • New Zealand
  • the land of many sheep. I wish they would all stay there. Kiwis shit me they are all braindead. The last kiwi I meet was still banging on about an Aussie cricketer that blowed an under arm ball In 1979 as if I give a shit about cricket to start with but it still went on and on for over an hour it would of been 5 years old in 1979.
  • The word "kiwi" became associated with the people from New Zealand during WW1:

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