• In the sense that the hiring manager might be afraid you will replace them. I turned in a perfect application to work at Subway once (I know the answers were perfect because I used to manage a Subway and saw the key to the answers) And never got called back for an interview. But its less likely at McDonalds because they have so many branches plus Corporate that you're not really in direct competition with the other managers, and the more qualified you are it seems the higher up the ladder you can be placed. So, generally speaking I'd say no.
  • Yes, of course. For example: by having any valuable skill other than basic hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Sure. You can be overqualified for any job for a variety of reasons.
  • From the perspective that anyone can learn the various duties at McDonald's, I would say that everyone is overqualified. From the perspective that so many people are out of touch with reality, I would say that a job at McDonald's would be too difficult for them to handle.
  • To work at McDonald's you need a strong back and an IQ of 85.
    • Army Veteran
      LOL - Sorry you didn't get the job.
    • Linda Joy
      I worked at McDonalds and I have an IQ over 125. You all need to quit with insulting anyone you THINK is not as smart as you are!! If it weren't for the people who serve at McDonalds many people would starve because of laziness!! Its better they work there than laying around on welfare!!
    • Hulk70166
      LJ-There is no way you have an IQ of 125. You wouldn't believe that Trump beat Biden. You'd have more common sense than that. You'd realize how illogical that sounds. And you'd be able to figure it out for yourself.
    • Army Veteran
      (Uh-oh! The hall monitor is back...)
    • Linda Joy
      "You wouldn't believe that Trump beat Biden." At what? When? My IQ was measured at 126 and 129, and I don't care if you don't believe it, it doesn't change anything.

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