• Nestle does it too!,the%20world's%20most%20corrupt%20corporations.
  • bottle it and sell it
    • 11stevo73
      you didn't read the link did you?
  • Water is a commodity that has value. Having the island-like qualities that Australia has shouldn't make that point difficult to realize. People trade gold and silver, so why not water also? Livestock is traded on the market. Grains and petroleum are traded as well. Just because it's traded on the market doesn't mean anyone is going to do something to disrupt the ecological system. That would destroy their own investments.
    • Army Veteran
      For some unexplainable reason, my brilliance must have blinded me for a moment - yes, I know about the plight Australians are having with their greedy corporate water grabs. The blame goes to your elected officials for selling you out to the Chinese. Y'all know this, already, so I'm not bringing anything new to the table.

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