• Still haven't figured it out, I see. Compare the economy under the Trump administration and now, under the Biden administration. You can't see a pattern of higher prices everywhere? On January 26, 2021, the price of gas was around $2.39 per gallon. Shortly after Biden was sworn in the price started going up and up and up to over $5.00 in most places. Now here's where sheep like you get so mesmerized at Biden's "Build Back Better" policy - after a public outcry, he "generously" lowered gas prices to the present $3.79 per gallon (locally). He came off the gas prices by more than a dollar and everyone is praising him for his "excellent work in fighting inflation". But what these same people are ignoring is that the gas prices are STILL over a dollar higher than when he took over. And people like you can't see through the "Idiot-In-Chief" because you support the Party and the way it blames everything on Trump - blaming Trump is easier than seeing the damage your own Party is causing. Now, I know you asked about rents and not gas, but try to get this through your melon - it's all relative. When you're talking about specific aspects of the economy, it's all tied in with every other aspect. When the price of gas goes up it affects the price of everything. Transportation costs, for instance, rise and fall based on gas prices. The cost of groceries is directly affected by gas prices. When the price of one thing goes up the price of everything goes up - including rent.
    • Hulk70166
      At least Biden isn't storing classified national security documents about nuclear bombs in his desk at home. lol. I wonder how much Kim Jong IL paid for what was in those 40 empty folders. BTW if Kim paid for them they probably came from counterfeit US dollars. lol
    • Army Veteran
      How much would anyone pay for EMPTY FOLDERS? At least. You know absolutely nothing. Biden doesn't have to store classified security documents and give them to the Chinese. All he needs to do is get Hunter to set up a meeting and he can hand them over personally. Doesn't being so out of touch with reality make your brain hurt?
  • Get a roommate to share expenses, Buy a tent and go camping, Stay for a short time at a homeless shelter, or with a relative I'd say check with your local church, but I guess you'd check with your local atheist association or maybe the United Way. I don't think they are religiously affiliated. If you are a veteran, the VA hospitals usually have a homeless program. I've actually considered buying a storage building and running a power line and hose to it for a temporary solution. Some people have converted rail cars and commercial storage containers into efficiencies. Tiny homes are another consideration. Also supply and demand will even out the market if the government keeps their noses out of it. If rent is too high move somewhere else or use another option. If no one is willing to pay the rents they will come down. Better to have a lower rent income than no income from rent. And the last part of your question why? Building and other supply shortages caused by the government shut down during covid. Our apartments are being "remodeled" now. All year long so far, actually. They evicted a lot of tenants and now are charging more because of the improved quality of the units. And what Army Veteran said.
  • Own your home pay no rent. Rent is wasted money to my way of thiinking. As I own my house land taxes are all I pay now. I do a little work for a realeaste agent one house's I went to a couple of weeks ago is for sale to bad for the tenants that have lived there for the last 15 years, now they have paid off the landlords mortgage hes selling up they need to find somewhere else to live.
    • Army Veteran
      Depending on where you live, paying real estate taxes can be worse than renting. Not only do the annual taxes break down to be more than what you might have been paying for rent, but you're also making the house payment plus the related insurance, repairs, and upkeep - the costs that a landlord would normally absorb. Being a landlord is actually the best scenario in this example. While he does have to pay all of the above costs involved in home ownership, having a renter goes a long way to deflect those costs.
    • Hulk70166
      I agree. Its a shit show. You can't even pay off a house early if you have the money. You have to pay off the interest first. Its corruption on both sides of the aisle.
    • 11stevo73
      I thought the dream of every western country was own your own home live a pretty easy retirement due to no rent then leave your property to your children? You are all screwed from what i just read .Im not laughing , give it time and the same will happen to me.
  • IMHO some kind of fair, effective rent control. By fair I mean to the landlord and the tenents. Plus if the landland if she or he sells it gives at as much warning to the tenants as possible.

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