• boxing is my guess
  • Perhaps clubbing...that is to say; something along the lines of quarterstaff competitions (except with the much more primitive club). But - probably - more likely wrestling (without either the refined rules of Greco-Roman or Sumo wrestling, a sport with much more primitive rules and regulations - perhaps even NO rules or regulations). Another possibility is: public torture (yes, as a sport). Consider - for a poor analogy - bullfighting, where the skill of the fighter (his ability to dominate, or his daring, or his skill at a swift and elegant kill) is, indeed, a sport viewed by an audience. Torture - or even butchering (an animal, for food) - might have once been held in similarly high regard by patrons of the sport.
  • Neither. Wrestling and boxing were around long before Greco or Sumo.
  • Sounds to me like street fighting is because only thing you need is two people, usually men, and a street.
    • 11stevo73
      Thats a Sport is it? Why you show you are BRAIN DEAD in every answer
    • mugwort
      Its competitive so I consider it a sport
    • mugwort
      Googled streetfighting compeition. It is a sport.
    • 11stevo73
      How many street fights have you ever been in? ive ended up in court charged with criminal Offences theres nothing sporting about street fighting. Ever seen your best friend dead on the footpath? Thats where street fighting got me.
    • mugwort
      I'm sorry for your friend and your experiences with streetfighting.

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