• I see people so happy that the price of gas has dropped - but they're fools. When Biden took office, the price of gas was $2.39/gal. He promised to destroy America's fossil fuel infrastructure and he has. He pushed gas prices to over $5.00/gal and now, through his "generosity" is giving everyone a little "relief". We're still paying approximately twice as much, so Bumbling Biden is doing us no favors. He's spitting on every one of us and a lot of people seem happy about it.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your choice and decision making hang in there you might see 4 more years of the poor elderly man :) :)
    • Army Veteran
      No, we'll see 8 more years of Trump - just as soon as the "poor elderly man" and his brainless minions run out of hoaxes to frame him with.
    • mushroom
      22nd Amendment, two-term limit, ratified February 1951, unless you're proposing the unlikely prospect of succession during a subsequent term as VP. Besides, the Naval Observatory mansion isn't as grand as the White House, and there's no Diet Coke button.
    • Army Veteran
      22 amendment refers to two (( consecutive )) terms. Trump's 2024 term won't be consecutive with his first. 2024 & 2028 would be consecutive terms. 2016 doesn't count in this because it was only one term.
  • I just thank God it doesn't affect me directly. And if I get a little scooter it will be electric. We are on nuclear energy and my power is free (to me) for now. I suggest you combine your trips, plan an effective route and cut out non-essential trips. And maybe buy a goat to cut your grass! lol
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment :)
  • The prices have been dropping for the last 60 days.

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