• I'd definitely include them in the Conservatives category.
  • Hmmm..."No taxation without representation"...and the willingness to go to war with the government to avoid that taxation. They weren't liberals or conservatives. They were radicals.
    • Army Veteran
      The "taxation" in question was the tea tax. An interesting FYI about the tea tax is that the British did away with the tea tax altogether to run Samuel Adams out of the tea business. By doing away with the tax, Britain could sell their tea to the colonists cheaper than Adams could. This was the reason he and his band of ruffians dressed up as Indians and threw Britain's tea into Boston Harbor - an event we remember as the Boston Tea Party.
      Army: see: the Stamp Act (paper) and the Townshend Acts (glass, tea, lead, paint, among other things, such as REDUCING tax on tea from India->England so that it could be shipped from England->America at a greater profit)

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