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  • I was wondering which 3rd-grader you'd attract first...😅
    • Linda Joy
      And I was wondering when the disgruntled 5th grader would show up and spoil the fun! Wouldn't be a party without you!
    • Linda Joy
      Why don't you go to the trouble of asking a question or two so everyone can berate them and tear you down for your trouble? If you don't like my questions don't answer them!
    • Army Veteran
      I didn't say I disliked your questions - you fill a niche. Reading your answers to other questions, I just feel you're more intelligent than the audience you're catering to in here. Disgruntled 5th-grader? Me? You must have me mixed up with the Liberal kids who can't keep up with the rest of the class and then accuse people of hating them when they get their feelings hurt. As for asking questions, I have asked a few. People ask 3rd-grade questions in here because they can relate to that level of thinking in one way or another - it's not necessarily right or wrong, but it seems that quite a few people in the audience are receptive to that sort of thing - it's their comfort zone. I prefer to ask questions that stimulate the thought processes and open debate. I'm sorry, but "what starts with 'e" and ends with 'e' " just doesn't do that for me. If you don't want me to participate, I'll just go look for the big-kids area.
  • Everyone
    • Army Veteran
      (blink, blink...)

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