• Plumbing.
  • 26 july2022~~~most of them.... electricity, id be lost with out it ~ washing machine ,i would hate to hand wash~ same as a stove, id need one rather than the BBQ~ id be bored out of my brain without TV and the Internet
  • No one NEEDS human inventions to survive. If that were the case how did the early humans survive before the inventions? The problem with people today is that they THINK they NEED things to survive when really they WANT them and they make life easier. What you NEED TO SURVIVE is air, water, food, blood, and a brain.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      True. People nowadays think they can’t survive without technology like phones and internet. They would still be alive without technology
      " did the early humans survive before the inventions". First: many inventions were made by "the early humans". More importantly, though: "the early humans" knew HOW to survive without later inventions. The typical modern human does NOT have that knowledge, or enough OF that knowledge to survive. (Note: there are, of course, some who have been trained to survive in such circumstances, and some who still live in such circumstances...but the typical human has neither advantage.)
    • Linda Joy
      So you truly believe "The typical modern human" would die without their technology? I don't believe that. They will either learn in a hurry or find someone that has the skills and leech off of them. The only tech they will die from not having is the life saving equipment we've come do depend on to extend our natural lives to the point that we have a lousy quality of life.
      Yes, of course I do. Maybe we have different ideas of "technology". Let's consider a "desert island", a large island (as large as a single person might possibly need for survival), and a temperate climate. (I.e. snowy/icy Winters, six months or more growing season). Let's imagine that a person is "shipwrecked" on this island such that all she or he has are the clothes on their back. The typical person has no idea how to acquire enough food to feed themselves throughout the year. The typical person has no idea how to manufacture Winter clothing, or enough sense (read: experience or training) to gather enough fuel in warmer times to last through the cold Winter. Etc. etc. Without technology, the typical person would starve to death within a few weeks, or freeze to death during the first Winter.
    • Linda Joy
      The question didn't include a stranded on a deserted island located in a cold climate scenario.
  • Several agricultural inventions. Housing-related inventions. Textile-related inventions.
  • The GPS. I'm lost without it.
  • To survive I rely on refigeration, freezerm microwave oven, air dryer, crock pot. For my peace of mind phone, mobile &landline, computer, TV.

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