• Has the email address you signed up with changed or you no longer check it or have it? I'll tell why you tongue in check don't get you're knickers in a knot. Jenny Rizzo is brillant and a modle. You don't think who ever runs this site secretly loves Jenny Rizzo everyone does.
    • Linda Joy
      What knickers? And Jenny is anything but brilliant, she's narcistic. And I don't really care if she gets notifications or ahem if anyone loves her. I just want notifications and since everyone is hypervigilant about discrimination I thought I'd throw that in there.
    • Linda Joy
      What? Wait a minute, a model? is that what you were trying to say? Have you SEEN her? Besides any dummy can be a model. Just go in any department store and see for yourself!! haha
    • 11stevo73
      I imagine a sexy little wog chick.
  • 17th july 2022... i dont get them,not sure i want them
  • See, people? I told you all at the meeting that if you mentioned getting notifications to LJ she would want them too. I'd like to know who told her...who was the leaker?
    • Linda Joy
    • Army Veteran
      Turn in your membership, know the rules.

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