• I don't think there was an idea of a "Chief of Staff" or "Prime Minister" when chess was created. But as in life, the Queen yields a lot of power and can be those things. If you would like to look at it in terms of a pre-feminist movement, then yes. ๐Ÿ˜Š Keep in mind the queen has more freedom (mobility) and controls more squares on the chess board๐Ÿ˜‰ I think of the queen as a General
  • I wonder if the piece was originally called "the Queen". If we accept "the king", it seems to be based on a society in which the monarch does not engage in battle. (Unlike, for example, Medieval Europe / classical Western feudal society.) *** Looking it up online, it turns out that the Queen was, indeed, the Westernized name of the piece. The piece was previously "Ferz", which translates roughly to "Counselor" or "General" (I might hazard: "Vizier"). Note also the Westernization of "Alfil" (translates to "Elephant") to "Bishop", "Raja" to "King", etc.
  • In real life the man is the head of the family just as the king is the ruler of the kingdom, but the wife, the queen is and has always been the neck that sways the head.

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