• In the U.S. it's still the social construct known as "race". Naturally, that's not true in several other nations. Other things - like religion (or lack thereof), language, "patriotism" (read: "reverence for the government and approval of it above all else") (see, for example, Russia currently), political affiliation, etc. are "the biggest structure of discrimination".
    • Linda Joy
      I disagree. Race relations are just a red herring same with weather calamities and plagues all designed to keep you looking the other way while the government does what it doesn't want you to see. Like covering up gain of function experiments that caused the plague!! I've had black friends all my life and I've seen tons of blended families and beautiful children and I believe a person of any race can do whatever they want! Its been proven again and again! And it kinda pisses me off when people throw this out there like its true! It only serves to stir up contention.
      ? I guess I don't understand your comment. What - in the U.S. - is a bigger source or basis of discrimination than race? How is "covering up gain of function experiments that cause the plague" a bigger source or basis of discrimination than is race?
    • Linda Joy
      I answered the question in my answer. My comment to you was regarding race being as big an issue as you and other foreigners assume. Its inflamed by the media trying to divide and destroy the good race relations that exist. And I'm assuming you've never lived in America, but base your OPINION on what the media feeds you. I have two black men who come by my apartment at least once a week one probably more often. My female black friend/neighbor is usually walking her dogs so she doesn't come in, but we talk on a weekly basis. And I still call/text three other black neighbors that have moved away. I've shared food with them, loaned them money, etc. And I'm not going to let the media or opinions of online friends try to tell me that I can't get along along with my black friends. And my fear is that my friends are going to listen to the lies. And I didn't say ""covering up gain of function experiments that cause the plague" [was] a bigger source or basis of discrimination than is race?" I'm just disagreeing that race relations are that bad in America.
      Well...being a natural-born U.S. citizen, I suppose I'm a foreigner to people from all nations other than the U.S...And if you lived where I do, and worked with and for the people I work with and for (which is to say: the general public, in my locale), you'd realize how much racial discrimination goes on in the U.S. still, and how much more significant it is than any other sort of discrimination. Religious discrimination? Sure, but the quantity pales in comparison to racial discrimination. Class discrimination? Ditto. Income? Ditto. etc. etc.
  • Romans 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
  • Traditionally, racial discrimination has taken center stage. Class discrimination hasn't been such a problem as long as the social classes didn't question their status and as long as they could live in relative comfort. Today, however, there is a power struggle in which the "1%" believes that they're above the law and that their corruption will go unnoticed and unchecked. Using racism to turn the masses against each other provides a distraction to allow them to stay in power.
  • I think party politics has become the biggest in recent years. 7/10/22
    • Linda Joy
      I forgot about that one! I think you're right!
  • I think the biggest structure of discrimination, bigotry, hate is racism. Blacks present the worst history of this with coming over here involuntarily as slaves segregation KKK, lynchings, Red Lining. Latter is discrimination in housing, education , work due to unfair real estate dealings. One of the worst short term racism was putting Japanese Americans in campsWW2 Every form of racism is wrong, inexcusable.
    • Linda Joy
      Don't forget the Trail of Tears, and religious persecutions back in the day.
  • Have you been vaccinated is where I was discrimated against. It didn't matter as I couldn't careless about going to restaurants and bars anyway the suppliers that discrimated against me no longer get any of my buisness one of them keeps ringing me now wanting me to return but Im never buying anything off him ever again.
    • Army Veteran
      LOL. I used to say that too. Until I realized that if I refused to patronize every business that pissed me off, there would be none left that I could go to. I never was vaccinated (in spite of some people's beliefs that I was - Hulk, you know who you are). I just donned the mask when it was absolutely necessary and was satisfied knowing the fact that (((they))) never got to me.
  • Dumb people from what I've seen on here. In real life, probably beauty/ health. And most people calling dumb, retarded, ignorant, etc. are participating in personal attacks and the people they call dumb usually aren't by any definition of the word. Its just used in a derogatory manner.

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