• Do you intend on doing nothing while these clowns start a war? Wake up. What has any Russian ever done to you? How is it some Russians fault the the price of fuel in your country is going thru the roof? This is why I hate old people they are all stupid and selfish. When oldmen War young men die. The evil that is causing it is Corporate greed pathetic old rich people stealing from the children. What has Joe Biden spent his life doing? Wake up the lot of you before you end up living in a tent on the sidewalk.
  • Which country do you think will start it? Do you think Russian and the United States leaders are such imbeciles that either would have such disregard for human life to commit genocide? I don't know what it is with you and your generation who are obsessed with the dark side of life - is it just flat-out immaturity? Do you like the way things are with the economy at the moment? Why are you hoping for a war to start? Maybe you should spend some time in the military and get some first-hand experience with reality - it might change your outlook.
  • *** Do you think WWIII will soon begin : Answer: No. *** and should it happen, which country or president will stand behind as they lead the country into war? : Answer: most of the leaders of the militarily powerful nations will stand behind (the front lines) while claiming to lead their nation to war. *** Some nations, because they are militarily weak or because they are carefully neutral internationally, will stay out of the war.

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