• The government CAUSED the inflation by giving away stimulus money to begin with!
    • Hulk70166
      if it upsets you, give it back
  • Prices will go back to normal when the Pandemic is over. This is a fluke. Nobody knows how to deal with it. Relax. It will get better.😕
  • For nations with "runaway inflation" there is SOME merit to such an action...but it's a VERY harsh action. Consider what happens - for example - when price control is applied to some staple, such as bread, in the attempt to make sure that everyone can afford to eat. (This really happened, I believe it was in Kenya, a few years back.) Wheat producers can't lower their prices. They can either go bankrupt...or switch to producing some other crop. Bakeries can't afford to buy the ingredients and bake the bread below the mandated price, so they either go out of business or bake products OTHER than bread (products that they ARE allowed to sell at a profit). The grocery stores can't FIND bread to sell, and if they could, it would cost more than they are allowed to sell it for. *** Unless such a program also includes government financial support or socialized industry ***at every step of the procedure*** (farmers, manufacturers, retailers), the program falters. *** Best way for the government to control prices? The government buys a product in huge bulk (therefore: at very low prices) and resells said product to retailers at a loss or at very little profit. Also: control the price at which retailers sell the product. Then the economy still functions and any loss is born entirely by the government (which, yes, eventually is paid for by the taxpayer, but supposedly in a more-or-less even-handed and equitable manner).

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