• In some cases, I do support abortion ...But what happens if it's completely illegal and no woman is permitted to be allowed an abortion ...So how do you feel about this matter?
  • As far as I know, what you describe is not possible under current conditions. As far as I know, what you describe would require a Constitutional Amendment...and THAT requires 2/3 approval of Congress (both houses) and approval of 3/4 of states. I just don't see that happening in the foreseeable future. *** What is currently at stake is restoring the decision to the states. *IF* Roe v Wade is "repealed", then each state government will have the authority to restrict abortions - including banning abortions completely. Practically we can be absolutely certain that many states will NOT ban abortion, and so even for residents in states that DO ban abortions, the abortion-seeker need merely travel to a state where abortions are NOT banned in order to receive a medically-qualified (read: safe and legal) abortion. *** SO: the "best" outcome for unborn babies is that abortion will become more difficult, more expensive - but NOT illegal throughout the U.S. - for residents of states that ban abortion.
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