• Talking about a hot issue! It's totally confusing these times we are living in.
  • Everybody knew this could happen at sometime in the future ever since scotus decided it in 1973. All it take to overturn a scotus decision, is another scotus ruling. Just like scotus gave us RvW, scotus may now take it away. Congress has done NOTHING to codify this decision into federal law that would govern the entire nation for 5 decades. A half century of passing the buck and relying on scotus. They should have enacted legislation at some point in the last 50 years to bolster RvW and make it law. IMHO
  • This is a decision that should be between a woman and her doctor.
  • It should never have gone to the Supreme Court in the first place. The laws covering gestational limits in the various states refer to the question of fetal viability - the age when a premature fetus could survive outside the womb. When the "survival" aspect enters into the discussion, then you're talking about life. That means "abortion" is the act of terminating the life of a fetus. Not only is this immoral, but it's a violation of the baby's due process - ending his life without just cause is premeditated murder.
  • Heads up: I'm pro-life. *** The Supreme Court (SC) leaked opinion is one of those things that pro-lifers have been claiming since Roe v. Wade. That is: the SC finally has (informally) agreed with what pro-lifers have said is obvious all along. *** I find it strange that I read in media about how - if the "draft" becomes an official ruling - it will mean a tremendous "restriction of rights" throughout the U.S. Why don't I read how unborn children's right to live has been restricted in the U.S. for 50 years and that now, perhaps, that right will be recognized again as it once used to be? Isn't the right to life the most basic and fundamental right of all? And haven't the unborn children of most modern nations been robbed of that most fundamental of rights, through no fault of their own? (I mention "fault" because one can argue that the death penalty is a retraction of that very same right. The difference is that the death penalty - whether right or wrong - is perceived to be earned by willful criminal actions, rather than decided by the whim of an individual, apart from any formal legal trial and jury verdict concerning the guilt and punishment of the condemned.) *** And...this brings up another point. Why is it that so many nations recognize the right to life so resolutely as to ban the death penalty, but at the same time refuse to acknowledge that unborn children have that same right to life? Answer: children don't vote...)
  • No, this "leak" is intentional. They want to find out what the fallout will be if they overturn abortion. They don't want another Jan 6th. They don't want rioting in the streets which is what they will have now that Summer is approaching. Remember the left is still organized from the Trump administration. 😗
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      Why do you continue to blame Trump? You admit that the chance of rioting in the streets exists. This isn't behavior associated with Trump in any way - it's typical behavior of the Left when they don't get their way. I still believe the events of Jan 6 were orchestrated for the sole purpose of accusing Trump of a crime so that a final attempt could be made to impeach him. The impeachment attempts were made in an effort to convict him of a crime to prevent him from ever running for public office again - this is how scared of Trump the Left was and continues to be. Conservatives have never acted that way before and to see such a display on Jan 6, they would have had to be quite worked up and believe that it was their last chance to save the country. That kind of agitation doesn't "just happen" - it requires organizers and planning. Again, this was beyond the scope of Conservative behavior - there has never been any precedence of such a thing happening in the past. And Trump can't be blamed, no matter what he was accused of saying. Everything he said that was used against him has been proven to be words twisted out of context to fit the needs of the Left.
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      1465, I don't care about what you think anymore because none of it is true.
  • The decision will just fall back to the individual states. Where it should be decided. It's not something in which the Federal government should be involved.
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      If you really want local government to decide, why don't you do one better and have the individual decide? I don't see what your reasoning is. Why is the local state smarter than the federal govt?
  • I hope each state will choose their own laws.

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