• Yes. longest 3 days
  • Yes, I drove from Texarkana, Arkansas, to Gypsum, Colorado non-stop except for gas and food. I did stop to change a flat tire on the trailer I was pulling. Actual drive time was 23 1/2 hours, getting up and going and unloading and getting cleaned up was another 2 hours.
    • Army Veteran
      What were you driving - a bicycle? I drove from Morton, IL to Phoenix, AZ in 24 hours. And I pulled into a handful of rest areas along the way when I needed a few minutes' breaks.
  • I challenged myself once and stayed awake for 100 hours. After around 3 days I started seeing hallucinations. The actual "challenge" was to go as long as I could. But as I was nearing 100 hours, I pushed myself to get to that milestone, then I quit.
    • Linda Joy
      I wasn't trying, just couldn't sleep. But it was at 3 days that my brain started to fail as well, and the body finally let me sleep.
  • many times
  • Yes, but it's not a good idea. Overtiredness to the point of hallucinating is very unpleasant.

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