• That is what I would like to know also. Maybe they go to church to compare clothes! April 08 2022
  • Look all around America go down in flames. "Religion"? The destruction of America and the lack of morality around the world are due to a lack of religion. People turn their backs on God - thinking they can do better with their own lives and don't need God. Like how it's turning out?
  • So I can celebrate Easter
    • Moving Violation
      Yes have a drink on me.April 08 2022
    • philosophers stone
      I think you have to distinguish between religion and spirituality. Both can give people support and a sense of security. But religion is more than just faith; it is also a community in which certain meaningful and less meaningful rules apply. Not all religions are open to change. I myself am not a spiritual person, but I know people who believe. Most of them have the feeling that life has a meaning and that it somehow continues after death. I think that can be a positive experience for some people.
  • It gives them hope, purpose, objective meaning to life, a continuance after physical matter, and a sense of justice and order.
  • Like sports and politics and even music and actors/actresses, it's something that "fans" heavily invest in emotionally. That is to say: because they are so emotionally attached to "the thing" (the particular religion or sports team or political figure or song or singer or whatever), it's important to them that their acquaintances support and/or approve "the thing", and the emotional investment can become so extreme that, to an emotionally-invested person, it can seem perverse - or even repulsive - to encounter someone who does NOT support or approve of "the thing".

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